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The River To Success

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

If you didn't know, long term success isn't defined overnight, but by the consistency of work laid out. It doesn't matter how many views, likes, engagements you get, but the every day, weekly releases, monthly projects that you put out. Eventually the views and clients will come, but if your building your brand or company it's important to stay consistent. Reputation is defined by "what have you done for me lately". People forget things quick and generally will only remember you from your last post, video, or value that you provided. Sounds like a punch to the gut, but once you accept that you will be more inclined to create and push content out whenever and wherever you can. It can get overwhelming without a plan, but implement a small term plan in place first and go from there. I call this, "The River". Once you get into the flow of things, generally things come easier and ideas begin to breakaway like boulders on the river bed. These bits of ideas or rocks create the sand and silt along the river banks and at the mouth of the river. In this case the brand becomes to get wider and the scope of the concepts start to form. Eventually, a narrow stream widens into a large river and thus growth happens. A small stream can become a massive river with persistence and an idea. Stay consistent in anything you do. Results will come. In other words, just go with the flow.

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