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Instagram Reels: What to know and how to implement content.

If you haven't noticed Instagram rolled their "New" feature Reels. What is Reels? Glad you asked, Reels is a short form video up to 15 seconds. You can edit and cut up the clips in different ways. Now this feature is very familiar if not the same as TiKTok functionality and style. What makes this feature important especially to your brand or business is that fact you can reach more people. This new feature if your account is public will go out into the Explore section of Instagram and will be watched by other users not just your followers. You have the option of leaving it on Explore or adding it to your Story or both. You can also leave it on your Grid if you wish, but it's another tool in your arsenal. What I've seen a lot of people do is use their old content and upload directly into Reels so if you don't have content right away take advantage of the content you do have. Chances are your followers have seen it, but not the other millions of users who have yet to discover you or your business. So start pushing stuff onto Reels, it can't hurt and use those 15 Seconds wisely.

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