Andie Bartol is an accomplished Ballerina and Actor.  She has appeared in many of the music

videos produced at Varx Marketing.  Andie has a range of talents, is very hardworking and extremely professional.  Her on-screen presence is off the charts.

Claudia Andrea is multi-talented and extremely natural on camera.  She speaks both English and Spanish fluently and can deliver lines in both languages.  She has presented and acted for Varx Marketing on several campaigns and is valuable contributor on-set.  She is also comfortable working with a teleprompter.

Charles Chudabala is an actor, presenter. and, producer, known for The Gallows Act II (2019), Fameless (2015) and Ugly Sweater Party (2018).  He brings high energy to his interviews and presentations.  He's also a talented and versatile actor.

Jennie Jaturapatporn is an actor and presenter. Her ability to present a wide range of products makes her a versatile spokesperson and actor.   She is talented, vibrant, and exudes friendliness as part of her on-camera persona.  

Erryn Leigh is an actor and presenter. Her all- American persona has been used in amazon informational videos.  On camera, she brings a down to earth charm, that is both likable and trustworthy.  Making her a great presenter for your product or business.

Rachael Ramos is a presenter, host, model, and actor with over 50 commercials in her acting experience.  Some notable names include companies like Grubhub and EA Sport's NBA2K.  She is also the spokesperson for Ontario Auto Center.  With a master's in broadcasting from USC she is professional on camera and onset.

David Penton is a presenter, host and technical advisor for Ask the Masters Podcast.  His calm and zen demeanor puts guests at ease and helps them open up during interviews.