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How To Make an Effective Marketing Video

It seems like everyone wants to make a video today, but not everyone knows how to execute it. Here are 5 Tips for making an effective marketing video:

1. Know your audience. Knowing who your video is being made for should be one of the first things you figure out because the last thing you want is to produce a view that isn't engaging or missed the mark based on something that could have easily been prevented with proper preparation.

2.Define your strategy. Strategy by definition is a high- level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. While its true some factors may be unpredictable there are aspects you can be certain of before going to shoot. With the amount of money that goes into a video, you will want it to be as effective as possible for as long as possible, so it's always important to think for the future. For instance, doing research on competitors and how they market themselves is a step in the right direction for developing a strong strategy.

3. Educated don't sell. Have you ever been at a car dealership where a salesperson won't leave you alone? By the time you leave you are completely exhausted and might be turned off by the idea of going back to that dealership. Don’t be like that! Obviously, the point of the video is to promote something, but if you make it too “in your face” or on the nose you will likely lose your audience and have a video that doesn’t convert and nobody wants that! Remember nuance is key!

4. Know the marketing funnel. Basically, if you want to make sure the video you create has the greatest effect on your potential clients make sure you know what stage of the funnel they will be at when watching the video and adjust the message accordingly.

5. Respond to feedback. Sometimes your projects might not hit it out of the ballpark as you’d expected. If that's the case don’t just pack up shop, use the experience as a chance to grow. Check the analytics and comments and try to dissect the video to see what worked and what didn't. Doing this will help you to construct more effective and thoughtful videos in the future.

Remember producing a video can be very difficult, especially when you are trying to make a video that converts well, but if you take the time to slow down and really listen to these tips your next video venture will be a little easier!

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